Welcome!  My name is Jessie Franklin.  Like you, I'm a busy parent who wants the best for my family!   Three years ago I decided to eliminate unnecessary toxins from my home.  Throughout this process I began see how the ingredients in every product we purchase (and it’s packaging) also impacts our environment.  Through my research I learned shocking facts about how our modern lifestyle, and all of the conveniences it offers, has devastating effects on our environment - especially single-use plastic!  I realized that, like most people, I was unknowingly contributing to plastic pollution with nearly every product that I purchased for myself and my home.  I always thought plastic would remain useful if properly recycled, but I eventually learned that recycling plastic is not the eco-friendly solution most people believe it to be. My research revealed that if single-use plastic actually makes makes it to be recycled, it only has a recycle life of 2-3 times before it will be made something that will eventually end up in the landfill, our natural environment, or the ocean!  And in many cities the plastic that is collected from curbside bins is shipped to China, or other countries across seas.  Unfortunately, because of contamination caused by improper recycling habits, much of the plastic intended for recycling ends up in the landfill or ocean.  Learning all of this I began to feel overwhelmed and as though I couldn’t do anything to make a difference on my own.  But I eventually came to realize, that I just had to shift my perspective and consider the earth first with every purchase that I make.  And with that simple shift in perspective, I began to see all of the possibilities to have a long lasting impact on the environment.

Learning how to drastically reduce single-use plastics from my home has been a gradual process of research (hours, and hours and hours), lots of trials, and TONS of errors!  And trust me, at times it’s been a bit frustrating!  I know that as parents we would all do anything for our children - including making new decisions as consumers to help preserve our environment and it’s precious non-renewable resources - to ensure a bright future for them!  So I decided that all of the time and energy that I've spent on research could make a more powerful impact on preserving our environment by sharing it with parents everywhere - because it’s not about the desire to protect our environment - it’s about knowing where to start (which can be intimidating and confusing), and how to do it in a practical way.  That's why I created an Eco-guide called, Clean Green Home, with the intention to help busy parents simplify the process of reducing their dependence on single-use plastics.  In my guide, Clean Green Home, I share what alternatives I've found to replace and drastically reduce my family's dependence on single-use plastic - one purchase, and one piece of plastic at at time!   

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