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How does it work?

To help celebrate Earth Day, and raise awareness about Plastic Pollution within the classroom, Eco-fundraiser will be held April 19 - 23rd, but can also be held on June 8th for World Oceans Day.  Participating schools will receive access to our free Eco-classroom guide created to provide teachers with ideas for Plastic Pollution awareness discussions and activities that they can use in class with their students for Earth Day or World Oceans Day.  The discussions and activities are designed to help teachers support their students as they begin to build knowledge of the connections that exist between consumers and the natural environment, and to see how they can reduce dependence on single-use plastic within their classroom.  By involving students in their classrooms, we hope to create a conversation that continues at home as they begin to use our Clean Green Home Eco-guide with their families.

The process: eco-friendly and simple!  

1.  Simply register your school here.  Registration must be completed by April 15th or June 3rd, 2018.  We ask that registration is done by a school representative (such as an officer of the PTO/PTA, or a parent volunteer) who has been given authorization by the PTO/PTA or school district to participate in Eco-fundraiser.  

2.  Once registered, your representative will receive an email containing 2 letters, one for the PTO to send to families, and the other for teachers to send, and instructions on when to send them.  Everything can be done via electronic communication.  Our E-letters inform parents about your school’s participation in Eco-fundraiser, and contain a link that brings them directly to our website where they can easily and quickly purchase a copy of our Clean Green Home Eco-guide.  Once purchased, it can be instantly downloaded so that families can start using it right away!

3.  Send E-letter via electronic communication to parents on April 19 or 20th.  We also suggest that teachers send an E-letter to parents on April 23rd to tell them about their class Earth Day Plastic Pollution Awareness discussion or project, and because it helps encourage parent participation in Eco-fundraiser by offering them another opportunity to purchase their Clean Green Home Eco-guide.

All sales from your school are tracked on our website.  Your school will receive a check for 70% of the total sales
That's it!  Simple!

Questions? Contact us!

We would also love to help your foundation or organization raise money!  Please contact us today to let us know how we can support you! 

If participating in Eco-fundraiser for this year's Earth Day or World Oceans Day does not work out with your calendar, we are happy to hear from you about how and when participating in Eco-fundraiser would best work for your school, foundation or organization, so please feel free to reach out and email us at: info@eco-fundraiser.com